In New Jersey,  defamation as a false statement made to a third-party, that can be made intentionally or negligently. Under New Jersey’s defamation law, the plaintiff must demonstrate that she or her business have suffered some sort of economic loss as a result of the alleged libelous, slanderous, or defamatory material.  If the defamatory statement concerns a public matter or a public figure, the plaintiff must prove actual malice to recover damages.   If you feel you have been a victim of defamation, you have one year from the time the defamatory statement was made to file a civil lawsuit. 



Defamation plaintiffs in New Jersey can seek per se damages for libel, slander, or defamation. To sue for per se damages this means that you do not actually have to prove that you suffered actual damages as damages are presumed.  Examples are claims that you suffer from a loathsome disease; or claiming a women is promiscuous; or stating someone is a criminal.

If you have been defamed you can demand teh following, if you cannot prove per se damages:




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